Larry Walshe Studios

Larry Walshe Studios offers each client an unparalleled guest experience and this starts with a personal and individual approach to design excellence. At each stage, our talented team of designers, florists and craftsman will work tirelessly to ensure your project is handled in the most seamless way possible.

Every Journey Starts
Our creative
design process
with A blank piece of paper

We assist our clients in creating memorable, magical celebrations that exceed expectations. Once we have brought the concepts for your wedding to life, our talented team of creative florists, each with their own unique skills and a wealth of international experience will work tirelessly to make your ideas a reality.

We have strong relationships with leading growers internationally, ensuring constant quality throughout the year and seamless logistics for larger productions.


We believe in the power of considered design and the visual impact a consistent floral narrative can have on a guests journey. To achieve this, we work alongside CAD technicians, carpenters, engineers, welders, drapers and scenic painters to complement and enhance the overall visual of your celebration.

Through careful planning, drawn-to- scale plans, renderings and three- dimensional illustrations we bring your concepts to life. This unparalleled service ensures everything you have imagined is captured and even the smallest of details are considered.


When it comes to your wedding day, we understand the importance of considered details and a consistent narrative so work closely to provide inspiration and guidance on the final finishing touches.

Our network of exceptional, hand- picked event suppliers, who all meet our quantifiable standards of service and delivery, can provide inspiration and guidance to ensure each moment is carefully curated with the guest experience at the forefront.


Onsite management and installation is the pinnacle of the design process, ensuring each element of your designs are meticulously placed and finished. We have a systematic pre- production process in which we create detailed production schedules, site assessments and delivery deadlines alongside any required Health & Safety documentation to guarantee the seamless delivery of the design project without complications.