Cliveden House has become synonymous with some of the world’s most wonderful private celebrations and our Anglo-Indian couple wanted to create a relaxed yet luxurious wedding befitting of such ornate surroundings over 2 days. Our bride was keen to create a look which could have been taken from the estate gardens using lots of texture and movement and whilst of course wishing the overall scheme to appear luxurious, was keen to make sure it felt accessible and understated.

Hiring Cliveden House exclusively for all their guests over a 2 day wedding celebration, our couple had a clear vision of their Anglo-Indian celebration and we researched to find vases and accessories that would have Indian references for the first day of celebrations whilst at the same time, appearing neutral in colour to ensure a very British look was communicated. We then devised a scheme which would allow for certain elements to be interchanged to offer a new look for the second day of wedding celebrations whilst using as many of the flowers once again to ensure maximum value.

Anglo-Indian Wedding at Cliveden House, Berkshire | Weddings | Larry Walshe Studios Anglo-Indian Wedding at Cliveden House, Berkshire | Weddings | Larry Walshe Studios Anglo-Indian Wedding at Cliveden House, Berkshire | Weddings | Larry Walshe Studios
The Final Creation

As guests arrived to Cliveden House, they were greeted by the most beautiful statement urns. Standing an impressive 12ft tall, they met with the grandeur of our surroundings and were packed full of texture and movement to ensure the most luxurious countryside look was created. Wildly romantic designs were then seen throughout Cliveden House as guests walked between each of its beautifully decorated rooms to bring a sense of the outdoors, inside.

Being a balmy July day, the wedding ceremony took place outdoors on the terrace lawn and featured tumbling urns filled full of texture and movement to create the relaxed countryside look that the bride adored. Inside on the tables for day one, we created a luxurious yet understated setting with Indian inspired references that included carved ivory candleholders and antique statues of Indian policemen with strong colonial references. The bride loved a neutral palette but wanted to add a pop of colour so coral coloured peonies were included amongst delicate country inspired florals to result in a timeless an elegant scheme. With every detail considered, eclectic white glass and frosted votives were scattered throughout and tall white ornate candlesticks were added. As a final touch, fragrant rosemary was added into each of the florals to cast a soft scent throughout the Andre Garratt restaurant.

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