When our bride approached us and asked Larry Walshe Studios to design the most luxurious and opulent wedding at the fabulous Aynhoe Park, we were thrilled. One of our favourite UK venues, steeped in history and a heavenly array of curiosities and taxidermy, we knew this was going to be stylish affair packed full of personality. We were asked to curate a series of designs to span across a two-day wedding celebration that would offer guests a new and exciting unique moment at each and every turn…

Working at Aynhoe Park, it is very easy to be inspired. From unicorns sat atop baby grand pianos to a giraffe suspended from the ceiling, this venue is filled to bursting with fabulous curiosities which can be integrated to form a truly unique and memorable wedding celebration. When walking through Aynhoe Park with our bride and groom, we wanted to realise a series of chapters, with carefully curated and beautiful moments at each and every turn to ensure guests were continually surprised and indulged throughout the two-day wedding celebration.

Spectacular Wedding at Aynhoe Park, Oxfordshire | Weddings | Larry Walshe Studios Spectacular Wedding at Aynhoe Park, Oxfordshire | Weddings | Larry Walshe Studios Spectacular Wedding at Aynhoe Park, Oxfordshire | Weddings | Larry Walshe Studios
The Final Creation

The entrance was dressed on either side using a pair of fabulous urn designs and as guests walked into the entrance hall at Aynhoe Park, they were greeted by the most incredibly escort card tree. Filling the space, we decorated the entrance table and mantle to result in a look which felt incredibly magical and enchanted. We then took this one step further when guests reached the staircase; here we creating a wonderful cascading design using golden foliages which were adorned further using hundreds upon hundreds of blush pink roses. Cascading around the impressive Hercules statue, we needed to ensure a dramatic statement was created as the bride and bridesmaids descended in readiness for their arrival to the wedding ceremony.

A wedding is all about the ceremony and here we continued the use of gold one more time as we created the most breathtaking wedding arch and ceremony setting. Thousands upon thousands of ivory and blush pink roses, including scented garden varieties were used to alongside white Phalaenopsis orchids to bring this luxurious setting to life. As tall vases lined the aisle, the arch stood over 10ft tall to make the most incredible statement in the Aynhoe Park Orangery. Not forgetting the little details, a fabulous golden tree stood over the doorway leading into The Orangery to ensure the perfect setting with long stems of white Phalaenopsis orchids floating throughout the canopy. Our friendly in-house giraffe was then also given the golden touch whilst Jo Malone candles in Blush Suede & Peony and Velvet Rose & Oud were scattered throughout to fill the air with romance.

Moving through to the bar, another fabulous urn design in our own signature style using hundreds of ivory and blush pink roses. Dinner was then quite simply breathtaking. The top table was lavished with a cascade of roses which tumbled onto the table to offer guests the most wonderful dining experience whilst all other tables featured tall vases topped with large & luxurious domes of ivory and blush pink roses and white Phalaenopsis orchids alongside cut crystal accessories. Jo Malone candles then featured throughout to ensure each room was filled with their signature combination scent of Blush Suede & Peony and Velvet Rose & Oud.

Whist guests dined, our expert team transformed The Orangery into the perfect after-party area. With the stage and dance floor set, our last task was to skilfully dress the cake with a cascade of the most beautiful white Phalaenopsis orchids as the perfect end to a perfect wedding. Whilst guests danced the night away, our team took to the bedrooms to add a spritz of Jo Malone Blush Suede & Peony to each pillow and a fresh flower bouquet as a way to say thank you to the bridesmaids and immediate family. Our team later returned the very next morning to set the tables for breakfast and repurpose the previously seen wedding day designs into the most beautiful and relaxed wedding blessing in readiness for a further day of celebrations. A truly unforgettable wedding celebration filled with flowers and joy!

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