To create a colourful and theatrical wedding design with vibrant flowers at the iconic Lanesborough Hotel in London.  The ceremony was set to take place in the Belgravia Room, a space which is adorned with mirror and ornate interior decoration and the wedding breakfast was due to be hosted in the Celeste Restaurant.

The couple were keen to bring the spirit of a traditional Indian wedding celebration to life using vibrant flowers in luxurious and opulent designs.  For the ceremony, they wanted guests to sit comfortably in a modern and casual configuration, as opposed to rows and rows of chairs.  They were keen to realise a sense of theatre with dramatic and opulent designs that made a statement and created a perfect photographic opportunity.


For the dinner, the bride and groom were keen to use a mix of long and round tables to offer a varied and luxurious setting that would be comfortable for all guests.  They then wanted to enhance the grandeur of this ornate setting with mirror and large flower arrangements to ensure a setting that would be remembered forever.

Indian Wedding in Central London | Weddings | Larry Walshe Studios Indian Wedding in Central London | Weddings | Larry Walshe Studios Indian Wedding in Central London | Weddings | Larry Walshe Studios
The Final Creation

Our team created and installed a large and theatrical ceremony design which encouraged a sense of opulence and modernity.  Contemporary florals were used in glorious abundance to smother this ceremony sofa atop a custom-made mirror stage.  Ensuring all guests could see the bride and groom, this dramatic floral arrangement ensured the most beautiful wedding photographs.  Casual seating with small occasional flowers were then scattered throughout to result in a space which was both stylish and comfortable.

The Celeste Restaurant was transformed into a luxury wedding venue with theatrical flower arrangements, mirrored table tops, Italian crystal candelabra and a custom-made mirrored dancefloor.  The floral arrangements on each table were filled to bursting with vibrant colours that captured the spirit of India and also worked against the pastel interior decoration of the Celeste Restaurant.  Golden chairs were selected to compliment the gilding in the chic London restaurant whilst mirrored table tops were added to bounce the light around the room and bring the whole wedding design to life.  A mix of long and round dining tables worked throughout Celeste to offer visual variety at every turn.  Large floral garlands were then created to twist around the columns either side of the stage, adding huge impact and colour and ensuring the perfect visual as guests danced the night away!


Using thousands of fresh hydrangea flowers, roses and English dahlias, we really did create the most joyful and colourful wedding flowers and wedding design for an unforgettable central London wedding.

"What a transformation! We were so happy with the flowers, just beautiful! " - A&K
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