With TFL creating the largest greenest bus fleet in Europe and creating a vehicle that actually cleans the air, they reached out to Larry Walshe Studios to bring this message to life across London by literally turning a red London bus…green! Oh, and here’s the best bit…the bus needed to be able to travel around London so the design has to withstand movement over a 3 day period in the height of summer without any air conditioning!

Working alongside the RHS, we developed a scheme of green botanicals and selected plants with air purifying properties to add a meaningful and educational narrative to the public event.

Greenest Red London Bus | Installations | Larry Walshe Studios Greenest Red London Bus | Installations | Larry Walshe Studios Greenest Red London Bus | Installations | Larry Walshe Studios
The Final Creation

Being asked to transform the whole interior of a red London bus green, our set design team leapt into action to re-upholster each of the iconic seats and apply a vinyl graphic throughout the entire bus that would act as the backdrop to the floral design.


Green botanical plants, featuring plant varieties that possess air purifying properties as guided by the Royal Horticultural Society, created an urban jungle amongst which vines and trees grew.  A canopy of rambling foliages covered the ceiling and crept around yellow poles to encourage a truly immersive environment. The floor was covered in fresh grass and jungle inspired floral designs, organic in their formation hid other parts of the bus, including the baggage rack. Kokodama wrapped plants suspended from the ceiling to create a natural pathway and truly immersive setting.

A large and abundant botanical archway welcomed guests on the exterior of the bus and we literally rolled out the green carpet as our bus moved around London to welcome visitors and encourage them to learn more about TFL’s pioneering initiative. The public installation then spent 3 days on the road, moving throughout London districts to engage and educate local residents before spending it’s last day on Regent Street London where over 5,000 visitors were able to learn more about the latest TFL initiative by experiencing the living artwork installation for themselves.

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