Approached by M&G Investments, title sponsor of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, celebrity florist Larry Walshe was asked to create a living dress from fresh flowers which would be used in a photo shoot to promote their sponsorship of the show through both print & digital press alongside encouraging consumer engagement and social conversation in the week preceding the opening of the show itself.

Drawing inspiration from the M&G garden designed, conceived by acclaimed landscape gardener Jo Thompson with a retreat garden concept, we took note of the fluidity and organic nature of the piece.  Integrating a 1930’s silhouette into the garment also celebrated the era M&G Investments were first established.

Chelsea Flower Show Dress 2015 | Installations | Larry Walshe Studios Chelsea Flower Show Dress 2015 | Installations | Larry Walshe Studios Chelsea Flower Show Dress 2015 | Installations | Larry Walshe Studios
The Final Creation

The 1930’s inspired dress, created using a palette inspired by the Jo Thompson retreat garden concept for M&G Investments, crafted from soft grey voile assumes an organic silhouette that motions the fluidity and echoes the calmness of water.  Fabric is gathered at a 1930’s drop waist to create a seductive and romantic form which draws further inspiration from the translucency of water.


Timeless in its simplicity, the intricate floral embroidering detailing comprising over 1,200 fresh flowers rises from the base of the dress to dissipate organically and hint at the delicate of nature and emanate a “lady of the lake” aesthetic.

Our involvement in the photoshoot activity delivered record press coverage for M&G’s sponsorship, most recently generating over 395 stories across the media from Vogue Magazine and the FT through to a host of national and international broadcasters, providing a potential brand reach of almost 4bn.


We broke new ground on digital with shareable social content which contributed to a 25% increase in web traffic to M&G and a growth of 40% more followers on Twitter and 120% more followers on Instagram.

" We've done it again, thank you Larry and team! " - M&G Investments
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