To design an unforgettable 60th Birthday celebration weekend in Scotland with the team at Sarah Haywood Weddings & Celebrations.  An intimate gathering of 30, the client was keen to have an authentic, Scottish experience and to use design and flowers that were reminiscent of their surroundings.

Inspiration was taken from the Scottish highlands and country meadows, with indigenous flowers chosen to decorate the iconic Borthwick Castle near Edinburgh.  A feast became the focus of the main event, with an outdoor brunch designed for guests to enjoy the following day.

Birthday Party at Borthwick Castle Scotland | Birthday Parties | Larry Walshe Studios Birthday Party at Borthwick Castle Scotland | Birthday Parties | Larry Walshe Studios Birthday Party at Borthwick Castle Scotland | Birthday Parties | Larry Walshe Studios
The Final Creation

For the birthday celebration, we designed a birthday party with Scottish heritage and flair.  One central banquet table for all the guests was adorned by a custom-made tartan linen.  Antique pewter vessels, vases and accessories were selected to provide a sense of authenticity within such historic surroundings.  Pewter charger plates and pewter napkin rings were then incorporated within the tableware styling to continue the look.


As event designers, we always consider each individual detail of a celebration; bespoke napkin details were made using Scottish thistles and fragrant rosemary.  These sad alongside Old English silver cutlery and etched crystal glassware to offer a truly indulgent and luxurious scheme, befitting of a regal banquet.


Wrought iron candelabra and other antique candlesticks were then scattered along the table and lavished upon with an organic and textural combination of fruits, vegetables and flowers.  A true feasting table, artichokes, pomegranates and grates were scattered amongst jewel coloured floral arrangements befitting of the most royal attendance.  Truly sympathetic to the castle interior, this hugely warming scheme was both masculine and extravagant in equal measure.


Larger than life freestanding urn designs, created using responsibly foraged Scottish foliage, flanked a giant fireplace which roared as guests dined.  This swept everyone back in time ensure they had an intimate birthday party that would never be forgotten.

The following morning, our team created and installed a light and relaxing brunch for guests outside the castle walls.  Still within the grounds of Borthwick Castle, a stylish fabric marquee tent featured one long dining table lavished with antique ceramic containers, brass accessories and wooden candlesticks.  Custom-made cushions, fragrant rosemary plants and other textural ingredients were all combined to offer a relaxed and yet luxurious look.  Wooden cocktail bars, outdoor lounge seating and ambient planting were all scattered within the grounds of Borthwick Castle to give guests an opportunity to relax and explore this incredible Scottish venue.

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