To create a setting for our corporate client which promotes a high profile event hosted by the Singapore Government at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London.  The event should be immersive and utilise as many indigenous flora and fauna as possible to Asia and reference the iconic hanging gardens of Singapore for which they have become renowned.


We took inspiration from the iconic hanging gardens of Singapore, embracing all the texture and movement created in this mature setting alongside the renowned Singapore orchid (dendrobium) and paired this against clean and contemporary scenic design to result in a chic and dynamic setting.

TheFinal Product

Prior to the party, guests were sent the most incredible bespoke invitation filled with a single fresh Singapore orchid to bring to life the spirit of this detail driven corporate event. As guests arrived, they were immediately immersed within a sensory tunnel to transport them from the hustle and bustle of London to our calm and stylish setting within the Lindley Hall.

Walking through a custom created tunnel formed using printed vinyl, suspended foliage panels & Asian meadows, we infused a bespoke created scent of Bamboo and Garden Path to immerse all of the senses. Once inside, a contemporary golden geometric bar which formed the focal of the event was sat beneath enormous floating gardens of the most incredible exotic Asian produce.

Each dramatic piece used fauna indigenous to Asia to represent the iconic hanging gardens of Singapore alongside luxurious white Phalaenopsis orchid flowers. Delicate occasional designs created using vanda orchids and exotic leaves added a touch of colour to this chic and contemporary event. A large and dramatic stage then commanded a striking presence, built using contemporary lines with a recessed living wall to again reference the tropical nature of Singapore.  Illuminated, the clients brand was then brought to life in the most beautiful and sleek way possible.