To create a striking floral installation working with the concept of “Disruptive Dining” to celebrate the 40 years of exception design and welcome visitors to the iconic Decorex International Show at Syon Park. A series of four unique and exclusive dining scenes were created and curated by global designers Matthew Williamson, Larry Walshe, Osbourne & Little & Beata Heuman.


To bring to life our casual dining experience in and amongst a floral feast, we worked alongside luxury wallpaper heavyweights Fromental, glass specialists Dominic Schuster & luxury furniture brand Julian Chichester before selecting exquisite tableware pieces from luxury rental company Duchess & Butler.

TheFinal Product

The inspiration behind our installation was to play with use of perspective and dimension and realise an abundant setting that appeared infinite. To achieve this, we worked with glass specialists Dominic Schuster to develop a smoked mirror which would clad the walls and by doing so, add further dimension to the piece.

Thousands of fresh flowers cascaded across the mirrors before tumbling to the floor and smothering the dining area in the most beautiful summer meadow. Working alongside luxury wallpaper brand Fromental, we designed a hand finished wallpaper print which sought to reflect the floral scheme that we created. This was developed with their team over many weeks and replicated the smoked mirror colour that we had designed with Dominic Schuster as the base.

In a largely monochromatic scheme with added warmth, floral highlights were depicted by hand using their skilled artists. Masculine furniture selections with warmth and texture were then chosen from the Julian Chichester brand to sit in the centre of the piece beneath a suspended floral chandelier. Inspired by the great British Countryside, our design featured a detail driven scheme using multiple flower varieties in an array of colours to realise the most beautiful dining area.