To bring the spirit of Christmas to this luxurious restaurant in Vauxhall London.

Four Degree Restaurant, a modern Japanese fusion restaurant with contemporary interiors and we were asked to add festive flair using silver and green colours.


Contemporary by design, we wanted to create a series of Christmas decorations that worked with the fabric of the building and the recently designed interiors to ensure cohesion.

TheFinal Product

Standing over the doorway to this modern Japanese restaurant in Vauxhall London, we created an enormous archway design to greet guests and welcome this new restaurant to the neighbourhood.

Assuming a striking presence, the design featured woodland forest textures brushed with silver and scented with lavender to compliment the architecture of the restaurant.

Inside, a winter woodland garden surrounded guests and filled them with the Christmas spirit.

Dried fragrant lavender and blue thistles were injected into the Christmas scheme to add an extra layer of detail.