White Wedding

White Wedding

Our brief for this very special white wedding celebration at Bloomsbury Ballroom was to create the most beautiful designs using only roses & orchids.  In our own signature style, we used a combination of full-bloomed white avalanche roses, white Naomi roses, miniature white akito roses, spray roses, Phalaenopsis orchids & dendrobium orchids.  Using multiple flower varieties created the depth, texture and detail which we have become renowned for…

white wedding flower table plan roses orchids larry walshe london

Working with the incredible team at Cutture, we created a silver mirror laser etched table plan which welcomed guests.  This was surrounded by an opulent and abundant mass of luxurious white roses & orchids to create a chic and timeless look.

bespoke white wedding roses orchids larry walshe london flowers floral design bloomsbury

The use of mirror continued throughout the whole day as we believe it is oh-so-chic and works incredibly with textures of white.  Mirror table tops refracted light from around the room to add a further sense of luxury and opulence while low designs crafted from hundreds of white roses, spray roses & orchids nestled in the centre of each table to create the most effortless dining experience.  Cascading from above, clear glass globes, each filled with individual orchid flowers veritably “rained” over the tables to add a final finishing flourish!

white wedding rose candle detail larry walshe flowers london florist mayfair

Taking each table design one step further, candles in mixed vases were scattered throughout alongside pillar candles dressed with miniature spray rose halo’s.  Adding this extra detail for us, creates interest and delight for all your guests to immerse themselves in throughout the whole evening.

white wedding larry walshe cutture mirror menu stationery lasercut london flowers florist mayfair

The fantastic team at Cutture then continued the use of mirror and roses by laser-etching menus on discs of mirror and creating white paper rose name place cards.