In the Press:  Top Tips for Valentines Day

In the Press: Top Tips for Valentines Day

Valentines Day: Larry Walshe’s Top Tips For Fabulous Florals

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching and what better way to ask ‘Will You Be My Valentine?’ than with a beautiful bunch of blooms? Here, TOAST explores the history of why we actually give flowers, whilst expert floral designer Larry Walshe shares his top tips for achieving fabulously romantic florals this Valentines Day. And who said romance was dead?

For centuries, flowers have symbolised fertility, love, marriage and romance, but during the Victorian era flowers took on a new, vital role as a device for sending and receiving secret messages. In a time when strict etiquette made the pubic declaration of certain emotions unacceptable, the Victorians turned to flowers in order to communicate their feelings openly…

The language of flowers, also known as floriography, meant that each flower had a specific meaning attached to it, making it possible to have almost an entire conversation using only a carefully chosen bouquet! Thoughtfulness was key – something that today can often be lost thanks to the convenience and speed of emails and texts. Yellow roses would signify friendship and devotion, while red roses would indicate passion and romantic love – hence the popularity and long-standing tradition of giving them to your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

Call me old fashioned but even now I think there are few more romantic or pleasing gestures than giving (or receiving…) a beautiful bunch of flowers on Valentine’s Day, or on any other day of the year for that matter! But when I say beautiful – I am not about talking supermarket flowers or – God forbid – petrol station flowers! It has to be a fresh, thoughtful and stylish arrangement, and that is where Celebrity florist Larry Walshe steps in…

Larry is one of Britain’s premier luxury floral designers known for creating opulent, memorable and dramatic floral displays at some of the top weddings and events across the globe; his clients include some of the world’s top celebs and certain members of royalty, no less. Here, Larry shares his top tips to consider when choosing your Valentine’s Day bouquet this year, so take note! Or, you could always email this page to someone if you want to drop a massive hint….

Valentine’s Day must be a busy time of year for you – have you ever had any memorable requests for unique Valentine’s bouquets or arrangements?

YES!  Last year one of our clients requested that we create designs throughout their London apartment using 1,000 red roses as a declaration of how much he loved his wife. Whilst they were out enjoying breakfast, our team snuck in and adorned each room with beautiful contemporary designs that exuded pure romance.

Do you think flowers still make Valentine’s Day a stylish gift in 2017?

Absolutely!  Flowers are such a timeless gift, and so luxurious. They are the perfect way to express how you feel towards someone. I believe the key to keeping flowers stylish is to use either a mass of one single variety or to mix varieties within the same colour palette – both appear effortlessly chic and uber stylish.

If you don’t know what your Valentine’s favourite flowers and colours are – where is a good place to start?

I would start with a luxurious mixed bouquet. These create a veritable tapestry of textures and colours and use a number of different flower varieties to add interest and delight.  With lots of ingredients, you are bound to select flowers your Valentine will adore!  Our latest range of spring bouquets are perfect for gifting this Valentine’s Day…

spring jewel bouquet larry walshe valentines day spring flowers london order online nationwide delivery

Are there any dos and don’t when choosing a bouquet for your loved one?

I would advise selecting something using colours that you know your loved one will appreciate – for example, don’t select red roses if you know it’s not a colour they are keen on.  Also, think about where these flowers are likely to be placed once received and the interior décor in that room – selecting a scheme that works harmoniously with its surroundings will enhance the space and make for a gift that is truly appreciated.

Can we play it safe without being boring?

Yes!  A classic hand tied bouquet of red roses may be a little safe to some, but it is definitely anything but boring. My top tip is to buy quality flowers from a reputable florist. Aside from the lavish packaging, they will have selected the very best varieties with long stems and large, luxurious flower heads to ensure a simple gesture is a perfect declaration of love this Valentine’s Day.

Red roses may be synonymous romance, but are they cliché or timelessly romantic?

I am a hopeless romantic so I would say the latter! I love nothing more than seeing red roses in abundance at any time of year! Roses are my absolute favourite flower – they exude luxury and are synonymous with love. But if you would like to give something timeless with a twist – why not try a massed rose knot created using multiple red tones and textures?

red roses valentines day london larry walshe flowers order online nationwide delivery bouquet

For something a little different or if your loved one is not a fan of red, why not consider a rich and textural pink rose knot or even a luxurious bouquet of soft vintage toned roses? In my opinion, gifting a beautiful knot of massed roses is the perfect gift, whatever the colour!

Pink rose knot bouquet larry walshe flowers online order nationwide delivery

Some of our readers who are single and ready to mingle may wish to host a dinner party for all their single friends this Valentine’s Day – which florals would you recommend for this that aren’t too ‘romantic’?

Tulips! I absolutely adore all spring flowers (for example fragrant hyacinths, ranunculus, anemones, etc) but tulips have to be another one of my favourite picks. They are effortlessly stylish and incredibly easy to arrange at home. Simply take a large bunch of them and place into vases around the home for an instant transformation of your space – my tip is to select a single colour variety and place throughout for maximum impact.

green parrot tulips larry walshe bouquet online order nationwide delivery flowers london

Finally, what would be your ideal Valentine’s bouquet Larry?

I am a traditionalist in this respect so roses…definitely roses. And lots of them please!!!

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