Meet Larry

It was in flowers that Larry fully found his bliss; an ability to work with a medium that could so easily, through the use of both traditional and contemporary techniques, transform the whole aesthetic and atmosphere of a space.  His aim to evoke an emotive reaction and to utterly delight his audience led to further develop the work of the studio into scenic and set design to ensure the most beautiful overall visual is realized.  Constantly creating new concepts and ideas, he is fortunate enough to have worked alongside some of the most revered names in the industry.


Inspired by the beauty that surrounds us; through art, fashion, media and the local countryside, Larry’s love for all things floral serve as a defining inspiration for the distinctly innovative and luxurious creations executed by the brand.

Larry Walshe takes a bespoke approach to each brief and explores your initial thoughts and ideas to devise one-off, unique creations each and every time. From classical, romantic and understated looks to radical, contemporary and progressive design; our style is to realise your ideas into the most beautiful reality possible.

"It never fails to surprise me when I receive calls about our flowers from Los Angeles & Paris; it’s amazing to think that from our studio in London we’ve built a reputation for excellence that’s known the world over."
- Larry Walshe -